Vanguard Small Cap Index ADM

Vanguard Small Cap Index ADM – The objective of investment is to observe the routine of a benchmark index that quantify the return on investment of small capitalization shares.

The fund uses an indexing investment approach designed to track the performance of CRSP (Center for Research in Security Prices) United States (US) Small Cap Index. This small index was a diversified stock index of small US firms.

One of the fund’s risks is its focus on the small segmentation area of market. Vanguard, as one of the investment corporations, launched the Vanguard Small Cap Index ADM.

The price chart of Vanguard Small Cap Index ADM is getting higher from year to year. Began in the year of 2012, the price begin in the level of around $31.

Vanguard Small Cap Index ADM

Vanguard Small Cap Index ADM


During the way to the next year, 2013, this price is subsequently going up and down. In the beginning year of 2013, the price placed in $38, getting higher $7 from the previous year.

While in the way to the 2014, with all the political issues in the United States , the price seems to be more balance to get raised.

The index performance during a year also still up and down, although it is slowly getting higher in the end of the year. Until 2014, the price has passed to more than $50.

Vanguard Small Cap Index ADM shows that the investment performance in the year of 2014 is not going that well. From the beginning of the year to the days after, the price is slowly got down. After months, it slowly risen up again, but drastically got down in the mid year of 2014.

The worst price decrease is before the end of the year 2014. Afterward, in the beginning of the 2015, the price is placed in the number of $53. The performance is not going well, compared to the price increment in previous year.

From the beginning year of 2015, the Vanguard Small Cap Index ADM shows a bit increase price. From around $55, the price could go higher to $60. Began in this year, the price performance is not easily raising just like the year 2012 to 2013.

In this case, investor needs to pay attention to their investment to be safe. If the price is not increase higher, investors might got loss and even got bankrupt. As it is shown in the end of 2015, the price got decrease to number of $52.

The Vanguard Small Cap Index ADM in the next year is slowly getting higher. Until the end of 2016, it is passed to $60. From this price chart, we could observe that the investment flows in Vanguard could be balance and not going up and down too drastically.

Nevertheless, investor needs to watch the price chart often to make the investment safe. It could be predicted that in the next year, in 2017, the price investment could go higher again.

Nevertheless, if market condition is gone worse and political situation in the world it not going better, it could affect to the decrease of the price.