Vanguard Short Term Investment Grade

Vanguard Short Term Investment Grade is one of the investment products by Vanguard to help investor to invest their money in short term period of time. For the investor who joined this product could take the shares within one year to ten years.

The period of time for this product is shorter than other product established by Vanguard. For the fund itself will be invested in corporate bonds, pooled consumer loans, and also United States government bonds.

From the Vanguard explanation, even though the product had short term shares, but the funds still tended to have a higher yield than money market funds.Read it first Weatherby Vanguard 300 Win Mag

A short brief about Vanguard Short Term Investment Grade, this fund is categorizes as short term bond asset class. The expense ratio percentage as 26 May 2017 is in the level of 0.20%. The minimum investment of this product is 3,000 USD.

Vanguard Short Term Investment Grade

Vanguard Short Term Investment Grade

It means that people could invest the small amount by this product, and they might get the return of the shares in some terms period of time. The fund advisor of this product is by Vanguard fixed income group.

The price as 26 May 2017 is 10.69 USD with the change 0.00 USD or 0.00%. Nevertheless, the risk potential is in the level 1, which means less risk less reward.

Vanguard Short Term Investment Grade had the low level of the risk because the period term also short. This product is designed for people who wanted to invest in simple way. The investment fund is low and also the risk also small.Read it first Carnegie Vanguard High School

It makes people who had small budget could easily invest their money. Nevertheless, the small amount of the investment also had the risk itself. According to the investment rule, it is better to invest fund in long period of time.

The suggested period of time is from 3 years to more than that. If investor might take the short term investment, the risk is that the benefit of the shares might not be as big as the other products.

The hypothetical growth of Vanguard Short Term Investment Grade per 10,000 USD showed as follows. In 2007 it placed on the level 10,000 USD while it ever got down in 2009 which is only 9,800 USD.

From that year, the hypothetical growth is slowly increased. In 2011, it had passed on the level 12,000 USD. It means that this investment had took interest of the investor until it could drastically increased in the hypothetical growth. From that year, the growth is still increasing, but not as drastic as before.

The hypothetical growth of Vanguard Short Term Investment Grade in 2013 had passed over 12,000 USD in 12,800 USD. In 2015, the growth had more increase to over 13,000 USD around 13,100 USD. And then in 2017 it passed in 13,700 USD.Read it first Harvard Vanguard Post Office

The characteristic as 30 April 2017 had fund total net assets around 59.9 billion USD, with the average effective maturity around 3.3 years and the average duration 2.6 years.

This product was beneficial for people who just trying investment, and he or she could take the shares in the period of time wanted.