Restaurant Point of Sale Software Demo

hi my name is Spence and I’m with POS
nation thank you so much for taking the
time to watch our demo video on a
restaurant POS system today we’re just
going to briefly overview the

point-of-sale system for restaurants and
what I have behind me here is the basic
setup you’ve got your all-in-one
touchscreen computer with integrated
card reader we’ve got a cash drawer I’ve
got a receipt printer other additional
hardware that your restaurant may need
is remote kitchen printers or kitchen
display systems as well as back office
computers report printers and things


like that I also have with me a tablet
which you can see the restaurant system
runs on as well for tableside ordering
this allows you to have the mobility and
sleekness that you need if you’re not
interested in having a full desktop
terminal so what we’ll do today is we’ll
show you how to run a few transactions
different order types modifying items
and running reports at the end of the

day we have our home screen setup here
and every employee will have their own
individual employee ID numbers when an
employee comes in to start their shift
the first thing they would do is come up
to one of the terminals hit timecard
enter their password and then from there
they can clock in and out as you can see
I’m already clocked in so it’s offering
me to clock out and begin break options
I’ll go ahead and close that screen out
and then the next thing you would want
to do is count the drawer now my drawer
is already counted but if I hit the

count down option this allows me to have
a starting tray amount so whenever I get
that cash tray one the drawer pops open
I count the money put the money in here
then hit finish and now I’m ready to
start my shift and from here I can
choose different order types dine-in
take-out drive-through or delivery if
you have all those I have drive-thru and
delivery removed right now just for
simplicity because not everybody have
those features but they can be activated
if you need them so I’m going to do a

simple dine in order for you so which is
dine in and then this is going to take
us to the table layout from here I can
choose a table and then place an order
on that table so I’m going to choose
table number 19 and I’m going to
we have one guest and once we do that
it’s going to take us through the
ordering screen from here we can place
the order send it to the kitchen so go
ahead and choose a lemonade and then
I’ll go to the dinner option I’ll choose
a barbecue plate now from here we have a
list of sides and options to choose from
your menu is going to be completely
different than the one we have on here
there’s thousands of different ways we
can set this up for you so this is just
one example of one customer’s menu I’m
going to choose aside from the hot sides
I’m going to choose a side from the cold
side and then I’m going to choose a
bread option
so I’ll say garlic bread with extra

and we’ll put that in there and now our
order is ready to go and when I hit done
I can send that directly to the kitchen
if I hit settle it will send to the
kitchen and prompt me to take payment at
the same time since it’s table service
they’re probably not ready to pay so
I’ll just hit done then the order will
go to the kitchen so the next thing I
can do is place another order in another
order and have all these open tickets if
I want to get back to a ticket that has
previously been sent to the kitchen to
either add new items or to pay then I
can go back to the dining screen there
are several ways I can get to it the
easiest way is to go back to our diamond
screen and it’ll show you the tables
that have occupied orders on so go ahead
and edit that bring it back up and now
I’m ready to pay I hit the settle key
chooses my payment type and now I can
choose between cash check different
types of credit cards I can split the
check from here I can add gratuity from
here or just print the ticket I’m just
going to go ahead and close it out to

cash show you the payment screen here a
lot of quick keys show up where you can
choose whether they gave you this 865 as
a total so that could give you $9 $10
$20 bill let’s say they gave you a $10
bill change do shows on the screen
cash drawer pops you can print the
receipt if you want to and they are done
with your order at the end of the day
after you’ve counted down your drawer
after you close that all your tickets
you want to run your end of day report
so what we’ll do is go to our operations
panel and from here we’ve got a closing
report now this closing report can be
run for any day that you choose by
default it’s going to be set for today
and it can also be run any time of day
so it doesn’t have to actually be at the
end of the day so it’s telling me that
this is not a final closing report
because there are some cashiers shifts
that are outstanding so from here I can
just see what we’ve done so far it shows
me my category of sales breakdown
between drinks and then food items it
tells me of my tax totals tells me
gratuity totals tells me employee hours
who still clocked in what the hours were
it will give me delivery times it will
give me any shortages
or overages in the cash drawer accounts
so all that information and more is
going to be shown up on this end of day
report now I can print this out to a
receipt printer or I can save it I’m
just going to hit OK and as you can see
there’s lots of other options here which
I’ll have time to go through on this
demo video but we can go through these
in detail if you’d like to do that with
me just let me know so that’s kind of a

basic overview of the system again we do
have a lot of other configurations
available so please let me know what
your specific restaurant needs are and
we can talk about those specifically and
get some pricing and a customized
proposal to you so I want to thank you
for taking the time to view this short
video and please feel free to call me
with any questions and hope you talk to
you again soon thanks