How to Set Up a Restaurant POS System 2018

How to Set Up a Restaurant POS System – Having a restaurant will be a big business with serious maintenance to make it improving. One of the media you should own to help the restaurant improving is by knowing the step about how to set up a restaurant pos system.

It is one of technology which will manage every transaction happen in your own restaurant. Moreover, it will keep the record of your customer’s order and payment in good order and help you to manage the restaurant better.


Therefore, to make the things easier, you should know about the step. Many people are puzzling about managing the payment of this POS system installation.

But, if you have your own restaurant, using the following the steps below will help you to customize the system as well.

How to Set Up a Restaurant POS System

How to Set Up a Restaurant POS System

Do not think about how hard it is to set up the system. But, understanding the step in proper way will be very much beneficial for your restaurant later. So, let’s check the step below.Another Related Posts Knowing More about Point of Purchase Displays Definition

  1. The first thing you should do is purchasing the components of the system building. It will consist of some devices including the main “brain’ or back office server which is essential in POS system. Do not forget to have one cash drawer and one printer for minimum costs if you are a beginner to have your new restaurant. The way how to set up a restaurant pos system here will be following by the purchasing of some other elements.
  2. If you have more office station, please add some printers, bar code scanners to help you work more efficient. It displays the details of item in package. For more additional components, the owner may need magnetic strip readers and even the PIN pads. Pin pads will be used for customers who pay their order with debit or credit cards.

The steps above have explained the details of components you need. Now, let’s check the way to install all components in proper way.Another Related Posts How Do Supermarkets Use POS Systems for Automatic Stock Control

  1. First, program the back office server as the main system to manage other components. Starting from Windows installing and order management with your products available and the information about your employee.
  2. Now, install the other sub component in proper way including connecting the cash drawer and PIN pads. Do not forget you sub computer and also the magnetic strip readers which are important to use.
  3. The next step to help you know how to set up a restaurant pos system is by connecting all station to LAN system so you will build your own network after that.

So, building your own POS system for the restaurant will not be really matters. It will be easier than you think of before.

You can also manage the system in your design by customizing the system in installation. This is important to know since you already have your own restaurant.Another Related Posts How to Create a Retail Point of Sale System with Excel

In the end, do not panic about how to set up a restaurant pos system because here you can do better based on the information above than you expect.