How to Install Thermal Printer in Windows 7

How to Install Thermal Printer in Windows 7 – Thermal printer will be very much needed for those who run certain business. It is a receipt printer which can help the user to keep record of transaction and give proof or bill for the customer.

Some questions emerge including “how to install thermal printer in windows 7” because many business owners get confuse to install the thermal printer properly.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss about the way to install the thermal printer especially about the driver.

On the other hand, in this article we will tell you that there are some specific things to know in installing the driver to computer.

Installing thermal will not only cover the installation and connectivity between the device to printer and computer.

How to Install Thermal Printer in Windows 7

How to Install Thermal Printer in Windows 7

The installation will also discuss about the software or driver which becomes a key to set up the data will be used so that the data for thermal printer can be read as well. Here is some information about the installation.Another Related Posts How to Setup Your Own POS System

  1. Make sure you understand the thermal printer’s type and model to download the driver.
  2. Make sure you use the windows 7 with qualified specification to install the driver of your thermal printer.
  3. If you buy directly in a package, there will be like a CD installation as the driver for your thermal printer.
  4. If you do not have the driver, please download the driver which is suitable to your printer’s model.
  5. To get specific driver, you can put keyword how to install thermal printer in windows 7 so that you get the matched driver for your windows 7.
  6. If you get the matched one, please download it from your browser.

After downloading the driver, you need to install the driver to your computer. Usually, the driver will be in the form of zip folder. Here are the following steps.Another Related Posts How Long Does It Take To Set Up a POS System

  1. Open the zip folder of your thermal printer driver and you can extract to regular folder.
  2. Find the driver and install it. Usually, there will be an order to run the installation and the following next button.
  3. Through the step how to install thermal printer in windows 7 in your computer, there will be a notification about agreement which should be read and agreed. You should read it carefully and click agree button to continue to the next step.
  4. After that, there will be some choices button such as back, install, and cancel. Please click install button and the installation will run after the confirmation.
  5. Little bit different from other programs, this driver will require you to choose the suitable windows and click windows 7 button.

After the following steps above, you will proceed to installing the USB port and also device setting for the driver. After that, you should also set the cash drawer will be used by options provided there.Another Related Posts How Long Does It Take to Install a POS System

If all the things mentioned are successfully installed, it means the installation is done. So, you will not worry anymore about how to install thermal printer in windows 7.