Harvard Vanguard Post Office Square

Harvard Vanguard Post Office Square is the medical center which is associated with Harvard Vanguard Medical Association. This place provided primary care and services for adults and other medical problems.

This place is located in 147 Milk Street Boston, MA 02109 in downtown Boston. This place also could easily accessible by public transportation and easy to spot. In this article, we would like to discuss the review about this primary care.

From the location aspect, Harvard Vanguard Post Office Square is easy to spot by people who liked to go to primary care in Boston. This primary care also famous known by people lived in Boston. If you got an incident or injured yourself, you could go to this primary care.

Harvard Vanguard Post Office Square

Harvard Vanguard Post Office Square

After the met the doctor and give you drugs receipt, the doctor and then will arrange next appointment for you. This primary care might look at your insurance cover. If your insurance could not cover the treatment, you might not give the referral for other doctors.

In this case, many patients felt that they were treated horribly by Harvard Vanguard Post Office Square.  Some people said that this primary care might only give preference to people who had insurance covered.

Even so, this primary care was a five stars service. For its stars, it also got the expensive price for the treatment. The price might be higher than other primary care in the city. For this, as the patient, you need to have enough insurance to cover the whole price.

Nevertheless, Harvard Vanguard Post Office Square also had the good side of the treatment. For patient who needs to get urgent treatment, the doctor might give the fast response without waiting in long time. The primary care also have an on site pharmacy which is easy and convenient.

The doctors in the primary care also known as very kind and responsible. They are quick, kind, helpful, and professional. The doctors also known always answer the patient’s question with detail and accurate.

This might please the patient who needs to be cured and got the special treatment. The treatment also the care had professionally good effect to the patient.

Even so, there are some patients that think the online service of Harvard Vanguard Post Office Square is not good enough. Some patients tried to make call to this primary care, and the customer service is not answering with good answer.

Some patients were also think that the people in the service often be rude to them. Some of them also said that if the had make appointment with the doctors, the nurse or person in charge of information could not connect them with the doctors.Read Used Vanguard Small Cap Index ADM

Some of doctors also said they forgot if they are in appointment with the patients. Nevertheless, on every condition might have the cause of the problem. Some patients might experience the bad thing, but some of them also experienced the good thing from the service.

As the patient, if you do not want to experience such rude thing from the people in service charge, you might be kind first to them.