Carbon Copy Credit Card Machine

Carbon Copy Credit Card Machine – A carbon copy credit card machine or it is known also as manual credit card imprinter used to be a favorite tool by merchant to manage the payment.

However as new technology is invented every year and the fact that electronic credit card machine gains its popularity for its stunning features that ease merchants or sellers when it comes to payment transaction.

This manual credit card imprint machine is no longer in used. Furthermore, credit card reader machine with advanced technology is more secure than the manual credit card imprinter.

But you better not underestimate carbon copy credit card machine, as it is still capable to supply you with benefit. And for that reason, this device is still in used by some merchants as their backup.

The way the device performs its job is pretty simple.Read the first How To Swipe A Credit Card Correctly

Carbon Copy Credit Card Machine

Carbon Copy Credit Card Machine

  • The credit card will be covered, first, with carbonless forms.
  • The machine will slide the credit card over. The merchant, then, will get information about the credit card’s holder name, expiration date, number of credit card, and some other more.

During the transaction, the manual imprinting machine will copy all of the information of the credit card that somehow lead to another problem.

Easy access toward credit card information gives insecurity for the credit card holders as it leads to the possibility of identity theft and fraudulent of the credit card. That is why, it is not uncommon that most sellers abandon carbon copy credit card machine.

Even so, it doesn’t mean that anything about the said machine is bad, as there are several advantages of the manual imprinting machine which makes small amount of merchants still consider both machines, manual imprinting machine and electronic credit card machine.Read the first How To Swipe A Credit Card At A Store

Carbon copy credit card machine provides its users benefits. The cost of the manual carbon copy credit card imprinter is cheaper than the electronic one.

In addition, there is no need for you to use internet connection or electricity to process the transaction. The portability of the machine is great, also you have no problem in case suddenly the electricity is down because of the machine requires no electricity unlike electric credit card machine.

Sometimes, you have no access toward the terminal to perform the payment transaction on where the purchase take place which makes the manual imprinting machine comes in handy.

Carbon copy credit card machine boasts accuracy the time your merchants or sellers gather the information of your credit card. Let it alone, the process is quick. The time your merchants complete the payment transaction, you will get a copy of your receipt.

Compared to electrical credit card machine, the manual imprinting machine is so reliable to prevent such a situation where buyers deny the authorization of their purchase or simply dispute the transaction one-sided.Read the first Instructions & How To Use Your Credit Card Machine

There is a physical imprint that becomes proof of customers approval toward the purchase that bring peace of mind for merchants.

Should you consider the manual imprinting machine for your business or not? If it is only to back up the electric credit card machine for emergency event, then you should.